Pay to Play is moving along. Almost have all the archive footage uploaded. We will be out shooting again within a month or so to finish up the movie.


Finishing up the video for The Dot Rats should be able to see it online soon.


We are head out to shoot a video for our friends in Dot Rats tonight down at the Middle East.


Just added the store, through Cafe Press, so you can grab some great Prophetless gear. Hoodies, shirts, glasses. etc..


We are off tonight to shoot. We will be shooting Confederacy of Dumpsters at the Castle Bar in Allston.


The New website. It's been a long time coming but the new website is finally under way. There will be many updates coming over the next few weeks.


After 8 years of filming we are finally seeing the light. "Pay to Play" is almost done. Over the next several weeks we will be shooting our final images. A rough cut of the film is already completed with a few more tweaks we hope to have a first draft done by the end of May.